White Widow

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White Widow: Every Good Hit is Crystal Clear
Every smoker deserves to be as wacky as his or her tobacky. And not all marijuana seeds can match the potency of one of the best strains in circulation – the white widow. Winner of the 1995 Cannabis Cup, the white widow is laced with THC, which come in the form of white crystals, covering its leaves. Man, this baby can give quite a kick. After just a few hits, the baked feeling spreads from your eyelids down to the rest of your torso. Instant frenzy!

Breeding Trippy Crystals
Normally, the white widow has a two-month flowering period. If, however, you want the crystals to mature, producing serious levels of THC, you have to wait for about two more weeks. The plant is subjected to a daily 12-hour lighting period. During the final two weeks, the lighting must either be switched off or limited to not more than 8 hours daily, which boosts the production of those oh so trippy crystals.

Sticky to the Touch
When handling the white widow, you'll notice that the crystal covered leaves are quite sticky. The stickiness is a sign of proper gestation and flowering, leading to the white widow's signature light taste and heady hit. Growing the plant clearly requires utmost care, but that's okay. The moment you toke a joint, you'll experience a jovial high not present in other cannabis seeds for sale.

Dude, you should know, that behind every serious smoker stands a white widow, or at least rolls of it. Now that's real good stuff.

Flowering Period: 8 – 10 weeks
Yield: 240 grams indoor / 395 grams and above outdoor
Type: a good blend of indica and sativa (60/40)
Height: about 80 cm indoors/150 – 200cm outdoors