Skunk Seeds

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Skunk Seeds: Quite an Odorous Variety
Although the term “Skunk” has often been used to call any type of strong cannabis, it is, as a matter of fact, an actual distinct term that indicates a breed that is a descended from a particular genetic strain originating from the original Skunk #1. This variety, Skunk #1, also known as “The Pure”, was first bred in the 1970’s and is now widely considered to be the great grand daddy of all the modern Skunk varieties found all over the world today with it being the most widely crossed strain of cannabis.

Strong Flavor, High Potency
Skunk #1 was originally developed to produce a reliably hardy yet intensely potent cannabis plant, characteristics that it has passed on to its descendants. The different strains of Skunk plants are well known for their strong flavors and high potency.

Good Yield, Good Deal
Growing Skunk plants can be extremely rewarding especially with their stability, sizeable yield and early maturity. Indoor cultivation or greenhouse cultivation is ideal for Skunk plants. They take well to hydroponics and can flourish with a minimal expenditure of time and equipment – although more concentrated and methodical care will raise the THC content of Skunk varieties significantly. This makes for a fast hitting, powerful high distinctive to the Skunk family.