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Sativa: The Mind is Your Playground

The Cerebral High
A playful mind is like a portal, conjuring worlds and lands, bound by the limits of limitless imagination. Such a thought fittingly describes the high that you get from smoking sativa. Unlike its more relaxing cousin, the indica, a sativa piques the creative and rational sides of your mind, rendering you concentrated on things that capture your fancy.

As a result, you get to do interesting stuff, such as writing stories or telling them to your buddies, sometimes without your conscious knowledge. Dude, regardless of your mental state, the sativa never fails to produce quite a fun and cerebral trip.

The sativa originated in Mexico, Colombia, and Southeast Asia, all of which having warm climates, in which the plant thrives in. With the jovial feeling that it produced, it rose in popularity. The herb, not before long, was distributed on a global scale and until now, continues to reap millions, or even billions, in profits.

Sativa Characteristics for Growers
Sativas are tall, reaching about 8 to 12 feet, and has long, thin leaves. The buds are thinner as well, compared to indicas, generating a reddish or purplish tinge as they grow through the flowering period. When bred with other cannabis varieties, its leaves generate white THC crystals, which spike the plant’s potency to very desirable levels.

Sweet or Fruity
During the flowering period, sativas emit a rather muted yet sweet aroma. Its fragrance is refreshing, even triggering a smoker’s craving for the herb. The flavors of sativas are a bit more reserved as compared to indicas. They could either come as sweet or fruity, depending on the breed or if the plant was crossbred with other strains.

The Class of a Good Sativa
Some of the notable sativa strains are the Ak-47, Jack Herar, Maui Waui, and Durban Poison. All of them have gained much recognition in the underground circuit; in fact, some of them have Cannabis Cups tucked in their proverbial belts. As a smoker, you’d be honored to have these strains create lovely impressions on your thought process. You might be spewing out some of the smartest and the darndest things an individual could say, after several tokes. Just enjoy the ride, man.