Purple Kush

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Purple Kush: The Versatility of Purple
Potency and flavor are two of the best assets that Purple Kush possesses. It just so happened those assets are the reasons why growers purchase marijuana seeds in the first place. Purple Kush comes off strong with an intense head and body buzz, which is why it is commonly used as medical marijuana in California. It has a nice fruity taste, comparable to grapes and blackberries, possibly a combination of both. So chief, better paint yourself purple with this fine indica variety.

Grows Well Indoors and Outdoors
Purple Kush’s versatility doesn’t end with its potency and flavor; it is also a wonder for cannabis growers. The plant grows well indoors and outdoors, preferably using the screen of green. It forms fat purple buds filled with THC goodness, making up its 20% THC rating. Upon maturation, the plant develops a robust bush with long and slender leaves. A tinge of purple could be noticed throughout the shrub, hence the name Purple Kush.

An All-Time Favorite
Purple Kush is among the favorites of the world’s herb-smoking populace, as its characteristics well exceed the standards of good weed. It has been given special notice by High Times and so should you. Once you get a glimpse of its strong fruity buzz, purple may come as a prerequisite for your smoking needs. Purchase and savor, man, purchase and savor.