Master Kush

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Master Kush: The Authority in Potency
A master earns such a title after displaying superior traits and characteristics, worthy of being exemplified by others. Chronic-wise, Master Kush rightfully deserves its title, given its smoothness and the extreme high it induces. It rivals the most potent strains with its high THC content and could knock newbie smokers silly after one or a few hits. So chief, if you think you’re a ganja master, you might as well relish stuff that matches your distinction.

Masterful Flavor and Production
As with many of its Kush cousins, Master Kush produces a great yield and has a consistent flavor. Its buds contain exceptional amounts of resin, which leaves you with a large supply of weed after harvesting. It has a prominent earthy flavor mixed with a tinge of sweetness. You’d certainly get a kick at how it makes an impression on your taste buds, without leaving any aftertaste.

The Buzz of a Master
Upon puffing on a load of Master Kush, it will jolt your head in an instant. The buzz swiftly moves down to your body, leading to a numbing yet blissful daze. Every pothead thrives on such an experience, as their minds relax, releasing stress and picking up wisdom…like a true master. You could be one yourself, so c’mon man and grab a pack of Master Kush seeds.

Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: up to 500 grams
Type: mostly indica
THC level: seriously high
Indoor/outdoor: indoor