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The Kush Strain
Kush refers to the marijuana strain originating from the Hindu Kush Mountains, which spans several countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Northern India. The very first strain discovered from the region is Hindu Kush, brought to Europe by explorers about a century ago. Once the cannabis aficionados tasted the strain’s potency and flavor, they were instantly sold at numerous coffee shops in Holland and Amsterdam, where they became hits for cannabis smokers and growers alike.

Products of Inbreeding and Crossbreeding
Over the years, the different Kush varieties have been subjected to inbreeding and crossbreeding, creating strains which bear distinct characteristics. Some of them have exceptional levels of THC while others have delightful flavors, giving a fruity alternative to the traditional earthy taste of marijuana. And there are also strains that possess a balance of THC content and a distinct flavor, some of which were given special notice by the cannabis authority High Times.

Smoking a Piece of History
When you have a roll of Kush in hand, you could remember its beginnings and how it revolutionized the development of marijuana strains worldwide, before having a toke. The relaxing and cerebral high induced will make you realize that you’re part of Kush’s rich history the moment you inhale its flavorful smoke. You’ll be left sputtering Kush words, not cuss words, after the experience.

Kush Strains Available
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