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Indica: Body Buzzingly Good
Every pothead, before picking up a bag of cannabis, asks himself or herself the question, “Do I wanna get high or do I wanna get stoned?” If you answered - “Dude, being high is okay, but I just want to kick back and have a freaking good time on my couch” - indica is the better choice. Indicas induce a mellow and relaxing body buzz, which leave you at a dreamy spell for a good part of the day, depending on the potency of the strain.

Indicas were originally from Tibet, Morocco, Kashmir, and the Hindu Kush Mountains. Upon the discovery of indica marijuana, the regions were soon known for producing hashish. The strains eventually reached Europe, where they were cultivated and reworked. Quickly gaining popularity, the indicas were distributed and grown all over the world.

Indica Characteristics for Growers
Indicas are generally short and stubby, having fat buds that grow in bunches, which make up a great yield come harvest season, with some reaching up to 500 grams per harvest. They grow to about three to six feet, quite short as compared to their sativa cousins. Their leaves are large and broad, sometimes sprinkled with white THC crystals.

During the flowering period, which lasts for about six to nine weeks, the plants emit a strong aroma and begin to develop an earthy or fruity flavor. When properly grown, you get to relish a large supply of the good stuff, primed for selling, sharing, or for some of the most relaxing hours of your life.

Superior Potency and Flavor
The Cannabis Cup has given acclaim to some strains, given the superior potency and flavor of indicas. In truth, according to many smokers, some of the best strains in the world belong to the indica family, namely the White Widow, Northern Lights, Master Kush, Super Skunk, and OG Kush. Some of the strains are products of inbreeding and crossbreeding, which is why their traits are enhanced and somewhat distinct.

The Body Buzz
Once you have several tokes of a potent indica, the buzz pops into your head at the bat of an eyelash, working its way down, until it engulfs your entire frame. You’ll feel a blanket of pleasant numbness cover your body for hours, as you either ponder or sleep with the “faeries”, as if struck by a wondrous enchantment taken out of children’s books. Dude, how can you resist such an experience?