Hindu Kush

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Hindu Kush: The Granddaddy Kush
Named after the Hindu Kush Mountains, Hindu Kush comes as one of the oldest cannabis strains around. It has a classic earthy flavor, quite spicy for some, accompanied by its high potency and its musky aroma. Serious growers often use Hindu Kush for inbreeding and crossbreeding, mixing it with other strains to create wonderful deviations of White Widow and the Master Kush. So dude, before savoring other marijuana types, you have to try the original.

The Consistency of a Classic
Although originally discovered outdoors, the plant produces better yield when grown indoors. Its buds and leaves are even and show consistent growth through the flowering period. When grown properly, it produces a huge yield as well as strong concentrations of THC, reaching up to 20% in THC content, during the harvest months. You will, soon, have a large supply of dank weed, ready to give you a day-tour to your paradise city.

Wind then Unwind
Hindu Kush is such a delight when smoked. Being a classic, it should be consumed using the classic way – tucked in rolling paper. It produces a potent body buzz, which starts from your forehead, gradually moving down to your torso until you get a more pleasant version of the shivers. The result is a relaxing mental journey confined within the comfort of your own couch or lazy boy. You could, then, ponder about having a lucid trip to the marijuana fields of the Hindu Kush Mountains, while you’re at it. Enjoy.

Flowering Period: 6 – 7 weeks
Yield: up to 450 grams
Type: indica
THC: strong