Buddha Seeds

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Buddha Seeds: A Glimpse of Nirvana
The Buddha is a figurehead of wisdom through experience, as he spanned from one region to another just to formulize his theories. The same can be said when you get to smoke the produce of Buddha Seeds. You’ll get a mellow buzz that begins from your head, down to your face, then spreads throughout your torso. Once it settles, you can travel the various caverns of your mind, en route to being a happy couch philosopher.

Products of Selective Breeding
The strains borne out of Buddha seeds are often products of selective inbreeding or crossbreeding. They are marked with strong aromas, either fruity or musty. Their flavors are pleasant, often earthy with a sweet citrus tinge. Since Buddha Seeds come from a mixture of strains, extra care and tending are required, so the herbs will grow properly as well as display exceptional potency.

Heavenly Smoke
The Buddha strains have received multiple awards from the Cannabis Cup; in fact, the Cheese variety has been a consistent winner in the Sativa and Indica Cups. When you get a few tokes in, you’ll immediately recognize that you’re smoking the good stuff. Dude, these strains will give you a glimpse of nirvana. No wonder Buddha is regarded as the smoker’s incense.