Bubblegum Kush

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Bubblegum Kush: Your Sweetest High
For the sweet tooth in every smoker, Bubblegum Kush comes as the perfectly chronic choice. It sports a sweet candy-like taste mixed in with the traditional indica flavor, making it a good meal topper. Smoke a few joints after lunch or dinner and you’ll feel a strong, creative high, perfect for writing songs, stories, or anything that your mind picks up.

Different Variations, Same Sweet Taste
The unique indica variety was said to originate in Indiana, when the growers decided to cross-breed different marijuana strains. It spread to different countries, eventually reaching Holland, so a lot of variations were created along the way. The plant is often marked with large buds and big leaves. It’s pretty short, with a few branches, but produces a decent yield for consuming or selling.

Sweetly Potent
Given its taste and pleasant high, it reaped four different awards from the Cannabis Cup. Smokers worldwide consider it a favorite and a good alternative to the usual dose of Chronic Weed or White Widow. You will surely get hooked to it, the moment you take a few hits. However, if you’re a lightweight smoker, you’re better off smoking it in a water bong. It could induce lengthy trippy periods if you take it directly. That’s okay as long as you can deal with the paranoia.

Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: 300 – 400 grams
Type: indica
THC level: high