AK-47 Weed

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AK-47 Weed: One Hit Wonder
AK-47 weed, as its name suggests, has unequalled potency. Dude, it sports an over 20% THC level, which is why it is popularly known as a “one hit wonder” in the underground circuits. One or a few puffs are enough to send you to a peaceful dreamy spell, perhaps the raddest feeling a person could ever experience. You’d have a blast playing and listening to music or doing something quite artistic.

Bang Bang for Your Buck
AK-47 is marked by a strong spicy odor, so be wary of the neighbors when growing this shrub. It is riddled with fat buds, which count up to a sizable yield during the harvesting season. At the final weeks of the flowering period, the buds get covered with white THC crystals, contributing to the herb’s potency. Finishing an entire zip lock isn’t as easy as compared to other marijuana types. You get to maximize your supply and still have enough to sell bundles of dubs and dimes, man.

All-Time Favorite
Given its yield and its high THC level, the Cannabis Cup gave AK-47 an unprecedented eight awards over the past several years. It is one of the favorites among smokers and growers worldwide. Better have your fill of this gem of a strain, chief. Purchase AK-47 marijuana seeds.

Flowering Period: 8 – 9 weeks
Yield: 350 – 500 grams
Type: sativa/indica (65/35)
THC level: seriously high
Indoor/outdoor: works both ways but better indoors